In total 385 Artists are receiving $150,000 in Emergency Relief Funds.

Today we began sending out award letters to our second cohort of PDX Area Artist Emergency Relief Fund recipients. 145 diverse independent/freelance artists, whose needs total $480,300.00, will receive $55,000 collectively. Kim Stafford and I are grateful to all the amazing donors, partners, and collaborators who have come together to build this strong, supportive relief program for artists.

One of our fund recipients says, "I think I speak for many Portland artists when I say that we can't thank the donors enough for their support during this time. It truly sets Portland apart as a place that harbors creativity and allows artists to continue to create when it is most important."





The task of arriving at a fair approach to distributing a finite fund to an ever-expanding lists of artists in need has been an extremely challenging proposition.

In the last four days, we reviewed 555 applications that were received within the first week of the fund going online.

Of these, 245 applicants were immediately identified as our first round of recipients. The collective need of the 245 recipients totals $680,047.00 and we have $95,000 of our donations in hand.  We are sending out award letters out today, to these 245 artists.

This week we are reviewing the rest of the applications that came through till Sunday, March 29th. IF you applied last week and you do not hear from us today, please know that we will email you with 1) questions OR 2) a note explaining that your request was beyond the scope of this fund and other resources that can serve you better.

We are also working to gather ample resources to fund the next round of requests. But until we do so, the application process is currently paused.

Meanwhile, please DONATE if you are able. Click HERE for more information. 

Subashini Ganesan, Portland Creative Laureate

Kim Stafford, Oregon Poet Laureate



Portland's Creative Laureate, Subashini Ganesan, and Oregon's Poet Laureate, Kim Stafford, have launched this emergency relief fund to meet the growing needs for independent/freelance artists in our tri-county area, in the face of COVID-19. 

Supporting Kim and Suba is a growing consortium of organizations listed below.  They are providing critical IN-KIND administrative, advocacy, and publicity resources to assure that we are meeting the needs of diverse independent artists in our region. ​



IMPT: The first 245 fund recipients have been identified and are being informed of their award. We are working to gather ample financial resources to fund the next round of requests.

Until we do so, the application process is currently paused.  

1. This fund is currently for freelance/independent artists residing in the Portland tri- county area only. The counties are Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington. This fund is not for arts organizations or nonprofits. 

2. This fund aims to assist those who are facing guaranteed lost income in the next 90 days (March 18th - June 10th) due to:- 

A. Cancelling your artistic events (think gallery openings, performances, classes) AND/OR

B. Receiving cancellation notices for scheduled artistic "gigs." 

3. We are aware that there are variations to define the term "freelance/independent artist." So, if don't see your particular situation below and you identify as a freelance/independent artist please apply. Some of the ways we see this term defined:-

A. A practicing artist who tends to not be affiliated a full-time employee with an artistic organization consistently for income.

B. Often, at the end of the year, you have many 1099s because you do many, many gigs. You don’t have access to employee benefits (including unemployment).

We have come to see that Freelance/Independent artists tend to be paid in these ways:

-You are contracted for hourly work that is not consistent year-round (Eg. teaching artist at a school)

-You have paying students for workshops/classes

-You self-produce artistic events and sell tickets

-You get presented by arts venues based on competitive selection and therefore receive a one-time payment for your artistic work.

4. This fund will provide equal opportunity to all qualified individual artists regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, citizenship status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion. 

5. Our goal is to make disbursements once a week depending on funds received, starting the week of March 30th.

6. We want to help as many people as possible, this means that we will more than likely be unable to provide the full amount of larger requests. The amount we can provide is based on our donations received and the amount of requests we have.



The first 245 awardees have been identified and are being notified today (March 30th, 2020).

We are currently securing ample resources to fund the next round of requests.

Until we do so, the application process is currently paused.


Donate to the emergency relief fund.




Lead Gift:

Ronni Lacroute

Major Donor

Ellyn Bye


MRG Foundation

Reser Family Foundation

Regional Arts and Culture Council

The Ken & Mary Unkeles Family Fund of the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation

Several Advised Funds of the Oregon Community Foundation

Kristin Timken

John and Happy Barnes-Light

Josie Mendoza

Willowgate Fund of Oregon Community Fund

Musicians Union Local 99

Feagan Fund - A Donor Advised Fund of the Social Justice Fund NW

Beaverton Arts Foundation

Boedecker Foundation

Portland Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Schpee Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

Fernanda D'Agostino :: Yoko Greeney :: Shir Grisanti :: Shirley Hoffmann :: Michael & Margo Kalberer :: Susan Olson :: Charlene Zidell

Community Supported Seed Fund:

Suzanne Bonamici :: Christine Bourdette :: Henry Breithaupt :: Karen Cambareri :: Cary Clarke :: Zeph X Fishlyn :: Juliane Fry :: Trupti Glaubmann :: Darrell Grant :: Mary Haake :: Laura Hassell :: Sabina Haque :: Judith A Henderson :: Martha W Hickey :: Richard Hollway :: Giyen Kim :: Len and Susan Magazine :: Monica Monroe :: New Expressive Works :: Hugh Owens :: Laura Paul :: Martha & Dave Richards ::  Jillianne Schaffer :: Richard B Solomon & Alyce Flitcraft :: Katie Szrom :: Kathleen Stephenson-Kuhn :: Benjamin Waterhouse :: Mark Wilson :: Kathleen Worley

Nathaniel Allen :: Paul Andrews :: Stephen Auerbach :: Scott Ray Becker :: Elizabeth Blachly-Dyson :: Richard Clucas :: Marilyn Crilley :: Courtney Dailey :: Krista Garver :: Angela Hult :: Alan and Sharon Jones :: Claire Cofsky :: Alison Ellsworth :: Elizabeth LaFrance :: Tami Landers :: Huynh Le :: Bruce Livingston :: Dana Lucero :: Kate Lyman :: Lindsey Mantoan :: Ellen Margolis :: Laurel McLaughlin :: Elise Morris :: Mike Murawski :: Martha Pellegrino :: Norman Reich :: Charles Rooks :: Charlotte Rubin :: Eleanor Sandys :: Meredith and Bill Savery :: Karen Springer :: SE Uplift :: Students of Body Home Fat-Centric Dance Classes :: Paul Susi :: Catherine Thompson :: George and Nancy Thorn :: Joanne Wakeland

Howard Aaron :: Carl Abbott :: Mary Abplanalp :: Laura Alexander :: Sarah Allan :: Emmalee Almroth :: Sarah Ames :: Roya Amirsoleymani :: Kenneth Anderson :: Linda Anderson :: Linda Apperson :: Lisa Arakelian :: Karen Wippich Art :: Meagan Atiyeh :: Chris Ayzoukian :: Sarah-Luella Baker :: Mike Barber :: Lydia Barclay :: Michael Barrows :: Deepa Barve :: Orna Berkowitz :: Bethany Bick :: Heather Birdsong :: Carole Biskar :: Judy Blankenship :: Zoe Bluffstone :: Erin Boberg :: Patricia Boas :: Michael Borden :: Orion Bradshaw :: Erin Boberg :: Brooke Bonanomi :: Linda Bourne :: Diana Boss :: Deborah A Bouchette :: Celine Bouly :: Laura Boyd :: Kate Bredeson :: Kathryn Brimm :: Cassidy Brown :: Diana Bustos :: Belly Dance Network :: Ingrid Carlson :: Priscilla Carlson :: Casey and Natasha Forrester Campbell :: Linda Campillo :: Ellen Cantwell :: Michael Chambers :: Renee Chauvin :: Harriet Chessman :: Pete Chism :: Jenny Chu :: Hallie Clark :: Alice Corbin :: Rory Cowal :: Linda J Crum :: Kaitlyn Cummings :: Helen Daltoso :: Christine T D’Arcy :: Jennifer Alexis Day :: Tamara Dean :: Therese Debolock :: MaryAnn Deffenbaugh :: Maribel Deleon :: Karen Demsey :: Mizu Desierto :: Jackelen Diaz :: Daniel B. Dickason :: Nancy Doll :: Ann F Dudley :: Steven Duckworth :: Zachary Dundas :: Dalton Dyer :: Teri Edwards :: Alison Ellsworth :: Yaakov Epstein :: Lani Faith :: Ivy Farrell :: Lisa Farwood :: Julie Piper Finley :: Carolyn Flanagan :: Suba and Scott Forbes :: Antoinette Foster :: Jennie Fremont :: Lisa Frenz :: Cynthia Fuhrman :: Roland Furrow :: Curtis Frye :: Anna Ganje :: Zahra Garret :: Chad Gearin :: Anne W Gilbert :: Tim Gillespie :: Ian Gillingham :: Margaret Gilmore :: Katherine & John Goff :: Phil Goldsmith :: Catherine Gould :: Kathryn Grantz :: Suzanne Gray :: Don Gray Studio :: Michael A Griggs :: Ann Griffin :: Jeff Guardalabene :: Ashley Gutchess :: Julia Hack-Davie :: Stacy Hankin :: Steve & Lynn Hanrahan :: Barbara Hart :: Deborah Hawkins :: Matthew Haynes ::  Jeff Hawthorne :: Kohel Haver :: Molly Heikkinen :: Neha Hewitt :: Laura B Hillis :: Howard Hiton :: Diane Hollister ::  Kathleen Holt :: Daniel Horowitz :: Elizabeth Hosokawa :: Christopher Houghton :: Alanna Hoyman-Browe :: Husky Pilates :: Beth Hutchins :: The Idea Store LLC :: In The Can Productions, LLC. :: Danielle Jackson :: Carolyn Johnson :: Merilee Karr :: Jacqueline Kamins :: Andrea Keller :: Jennifer Keltner :: Whitney Kemper :: Antoinette Kennedy :: Mary Keyser :: Robert Kingdom :: Kristin Konsterlie :: Josephine Kostylo :: Grace Kook-Anderson :: Sara Krajewski :: April Kusters :: Adam Kuby :: Katie Kusmaul :: Nicole Lane :: Scott Langen :: Margaret Larson :: Hana Layson :: Kelly L Lenox :: Joan Levers :: Laurel and Gene Leverton :: Christine Lewis :: David Lewis :: Richard Lewis :: Michelle LiaBraaten :: Jesse Lichtenstein :: Judith Lindley :: Michele Lish :: Jacquelyn Lobelle :: Patrick Logan :: Sitara Lones :: Katherine Longstreth :: Una Loughran :: John McAllister :: Teddy McCanna :: Michelle McCown :: Mack McFarland :: Robin McGillveray :: Moriah McGrath :: Mary McHutchison :: Payal Marvaniya :: Kristina Mast :: Thomas Mazur :: August Miller :: Derek Miller :: Jenifer Mitas :: Larry Moiola :: James Mooney :: Mariangelica Munoz-Tobon :: Kathleen Murney :: R B Murray :: Steve Neely :: Kimber Nelson :: Xi Jie Ng :: Anna R. Nicholas :: Faith O'Malley :: Shoshanah Oppenheim :: Lisa Orr :: Kim Osgood :: William Overall :: Susan Paradis :: Rebecca Parker :: Trude Parkinson :: Beth Parmenter :: Stephanie Parrish :: Jane G Payne :: Aaron Pearlman :: Joel Pearson :: Julia Peattie :: Performance Works NW :: Julia Perini :: Alison Pezanoski-Browne :: Van Pham :: Stacey Philipps :: Daniel Pollack-Pelzner :: Sandra Polishuk :: Jennifer Porn :: Michael Port :: Portland Got Moves & Shweta Shukla :: Sara Posada :: Jessica Poundstone :: Ellen Pullen :: Jennifer Rabin :: Kathryn Rafter :: Wendy Redfern :: Patricia Reed :: Prudence F Roberts :: Laurie Ross :: Donna Ruiz :: Emily Running :: Devani Scheidler :: Cassandra Scholte :: Phillip Seder & Karen Seder :: Evan Shales :: Manya Shapiro :: Margret Short :: Jeanette Shortley :: Reed Scott-Schwalbach :: Yoko Silk :: simplicity consulting :: Dresden Skees-Gregory :: Carol Smith :: Carol Sindell :: Meredith Speer :: Ezra Spier :: Emily Squires :: Kim Stafford :: Ellen Stearns :: Noelle Stiles :: Cynthia Stowell :: Kim Strelchun :: Dao Strom :: Hope Svenson :: Ruth Szilagyi :: Tom Tiernan :: Jeremiah Tischleder ::  Garima Thakur :: Eileen Threefoot :: Thrive Family Support :: Nafisah Ula :: Samantha Ven Der Merwe :: Daniel Viens :: Bridget Volk :: Lisa Volle :: Celia Wagner :: Sharon Wagner :: Washougal Festival of Trees ::  Jenna Watanabe :: Benjamin Waterhouse :: Theodore Watler :: Amy and Manuel Watts-Padilla :: Katarina Wawrykow :: Christopher Weathers :: Clare Weber :: William Wheeler :: Rachel Wiener :: Nancy J Pole Wilhite :: Kernan Willis :: Andy Wilson :: Marissa Wolf :: Geoffrey Wren :: Rose Writing :: Takahiro Yamamoto :: In honor of Amy Zirkle



IMPT: We are currently reviewing applications that were submitted through Wednesday (March 25th) night. We are aiming to contact recipients by Monday March 30th.